Personality Colour Tests

Have you ever taken one of those Colour Personality tests?

In my post-grad program we had to do several personality tests. All of them placed me predominantly in the “Intellectual” category. I like learning and asking questions, I’m an ideas person, a thinker.

While my main identifier is Intellectual or green, that is by no means all I am.

In my public speaking class in college I had to do a speech about my colours. We were told to speak about our strongest colour and second strongest colour. Well my speech went something like this “I am plaid. A nearly perfect balance of every one of the four colours of this personality test”.

I don’t remember what the colours were now, I know there was green and orange and I think blue and gold.

This is what my test looked like: Green 9, Gold 8, Blue 8 and Orange 7.

This puzzled most of my instructors. Usually one category is really high, one is really low and two hang out somewhere in the middle, not for me though.

So while you Blue’s, Gold’s, Orange’s and Green’s all walk proudly carrying your colour, I stand tall as a Plaid!

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