Jack of All Trades – The Modern Communications Professional

I’m sure you’ve all been asked this question at one point or another, “What do you do?”

This is a question I am frequently asked, even after I tell people I am a Communications Professional.

Well what does that mean? What is a “Communications Professional”?

Well some have said that a Communications Professional is a Jack of All Trades, a perfect hybrid of a multitude of communication related roles.

This means for me, explaining what I do it not an easy task.

There are probably a number of different ways people would define what a Communications Professional is. This post I suppose will be how I define what a Communications Professional is at this point in my career.

I’ve only been a Communications Professional for approximately 3 years (officially), but here is a list of the things I have done:

Media Relations
Event Planning
Graphic Design
Web Management
Social Media Management/Training
Communications Planning
Volunteer Management
Donor Relations
Client Relations
Database Management

… and that’s more than likely not everything.

Now as my career progresses, I’ll probably focus more on some things rather than others and my definition of a Communications Professional will shift.  Regardless of how my role changes though,  I will always have these skills in my back pocket to use when needed.

I guess in the end for me a Communications Professional is a highly trained individual who can do just about anything you ask of them, they are a true Jack of All Trades, but unlike the saying, a lot of them are actually Masters of many (and hopefully one day I can say that about myself).

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