Like a Lost Limb

Today I feel like I have lost a limb.

Over the weekend my Macbook Pro started to act a bit weird.

Starting Monday night it began freezing virtually non-stop.  I could boot the computer, it would freeze. I could open a program, it would freeze. I could switch programs or tabs in a browser and it would freeze. I could turn on my iTunes and listen to music and it would freeze. I could move the mouse and it would freeze.

Of course my computer starts acting up as a HUGE job opportunity comes up and I am trying to put together a kick-ass application.

I tried to do some troubleshooting on my own all yesterday and had no success. So today I broke down and took it to the boys at Superior Computers in Lambeth.

I walked in, hoping it would be a quick fix, but unfortunately I was told that I was going to have to leave my Mac with them for diagnostics that would be done either this afternoon or this evening.

As I handed over my Macbook I was reminded of some of those YouTube videos from Black Friday where there is a tug-of-war over a highly sought after item. I did not want to give up my laptop. I feel lost without it, it is like I am missing a limb (not to make light of having a limb missing, but that’s more or less how I think of it.) I keep reaching to touch something that isn’t there.

Based on what I told the technician he thinks something in my computer, hardware wise, is broken.  Based on the sounds the hard drive was making, I fear that may be where the problem lies. If it is, a hard drive is not always the cheapest fix in the world.

I was hoping not to sink more money into my Mac before hopefully replacing it after I find some stable employment. A new computer is top on my list of things to do once I find permanent work.

So while Mac is away, I am chained to my desk using Sal (my desktop from 2002, named Sal because a friend already had Hal like 2001 a Space Odyssey).

I’ve grown to hate sitting at my desk. There is no room on it and the chair really is not that comfortable.

Anyways I booted up Sal this afternoon and well, he is slow as molasses. I had to update browsers, messengers, java, windows, Microsoft, flash, basically everything.  Four hours later, I may actually have Sal up in working order, though he occasionally gets a brain freeze when I ask him to do too much at once.

So now I sit and wait to hear back from Superior Computer, praying the fix will not cost me a fortune I do not have.

Until I get him back though, it is back to using Sal, my old trusted PC that is missing a lot of the software that my Mac has.

I guess it is time for me to do some creative problem solving with this job application. Hopefully Sal will work with me on this, otherwise, my application may be construction paper and crayons.

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