Tips for Driving (and not killing me!)

The last two days I’ve come across some idiotic behaviour on the road that I wish to address.

1) If you are driving down the road behind a slow-moving vehicle and feel the need to pass, wait until you do not have a solid line and on-coming traffic.

In other words, you do not pass in a fairly blind area, when there is on coming traffic, because that puts you in my line, heading directly for me and I do not appreciate that.

Thankfully, you were spotted and my vehicle basically stopped to allow you to return to your own lane. Please drive smarter!


2)  If you are stopped at a 2 way stop, that means you and the on-coming traffic (cars heading towards you) are required to stop, until traffic moving across your path passes and there is a break in traffic. You may continue when your path is SAFE and clear of traffic. Drivers not facing a stops sign are not required to stop, they have the right of way.

In other words, when you see me coming and I am less than 50 ft away it is not okay to slowly drive into the intersection and then proceed to stop in the middle of the intersection (when you saw me coming at you) nearly causing a collision. Thankfully my breaks stopped me just short of slamming into the side of your vehicle. Your stupidity nearly cost me my car and my personal well-being.


So I request that people please obey the rules of the road and drive smarter! I know I am not a perfect driver and have made blunders of my own, but these two things really irked me and could have killed me.

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