“But You’re a Girl”

I’m sitting watching the Blue Jays game, like I do most evenings during the summer. While I sit watching the game I am tweeting comments and updates on the game, something I have taken up this season. 

Since having taken up tweeting (and blogging) about the Jays this season I have gotten a couple of comments that take me back to my childhood. 

Last week I had a follower tweet “@Sadie_Liz I love that a girl is my source for hardcore Blue Jay news on Twitter 🙂 keep up the awesome work!”

This is not the first comment of this nature that I have received this season. While I love and appreciate comments like that, they still make me laugh a bit. 

I am now in my mid-twenties and I find myself chuckling at the fact that I am still shocking the male gender with my interest and knowledge of baseball (and other sports). 

I am certain it is not the intention of those offering comments like the ones above, but there is a subtext that basically reads “But you’re a girl, girls don’t like/know anything about baseball/sports”. 

I’ve faced this thinking most of my life. I’ve always been passionate about sports. My Mom tried to get me into ballet and it was more of a bull in a china shop scenario and I took up baseball. I grew up in a small community, and often that meant if I wanted to play sports, I had to play with the boys. Playing sports with or against boys was both easy and hard. The sport part was easy, the team/social part was what was often a bit more challenging. For some reason there were always those guys who didn’t think a girl should be playing with them; guys who thought that a girl couldn’t possibly be as good as them or that girls were too sensitive to play with the boys. 

I played on a competitive fastball team for the better part of 9 years (followed by 4 house league years). It was a competitive boys fastball team that I played on. Every year I had to prove myself to my team again. It didn’t matter how good I was the year before, or the fact that it was the exact same team; I had to win them over each time. There were a couple of guys who instantly had my back. There were some who quickly warmed up after they were reminded how good I was. Then there were those guys whose mission it was to make my life on the team miserable, and the guys who were trying to impress those guys, thus joining in on the torture. 

Most would think it would just be the guys on the other teams giving me grief and it was, but there were always a couple on my own team making sure I didn’t forget that I was the girl on the boys’ team and that I didn’t quite belong. I always had guys (on my team and not) who tried to hurt me and break me down, both physically and emotionally.

I never let them break me though, I let everything that they did to me fuel me to be even better. I constantly won over the skeptics and surprised the resistant with my positive attitude and my above average skills. 

I have always surprised people with my interest in sports and knowledge of sports. No matter how old I get though, it is always going to stun me that people are shocked or questioning of my interest because of my gender.  I have even be accused of pretending to like sports to flirt, because as a girl I couldn’t possibly have a genuine interest and knowledge of sports. 

Well for those of you out there who think sports is a man’s domain, you’re wrong. I love sports and I am not the only girl out there who does. It’s a new world boys, there are women who like sports just as much as you and who know just as much, if not more. We may be a bit more rare, but we are out there and in this day and age, it really shouldn’t that big of a surprise. 

And for those who are impressed to get Blue Jays tweets from a ‘girl’ (like me), check out the other female Blue Jays fans that I follow on twitter:






(there are more, those are just the ones I look to for info)

**** Note: I take no offense to guys being shocked (or maybe just pleasantly surprised) that I am their Blue Jays (or other sports) information source, it just makes me laugh


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