In need of a Computer Nerd (nerdier than myself)

I like to think of myself as being fairly computer savvy, but I am at a loss here and need a bigger computer nerd than myself.

I have been having issues with my internet for the last while and it is to the point that I am about to lose it.

About a year ago my old router was replaced with a Cisco Wireless Router.  (I can probably find the model if necessary)

The problem I am having now started a while ago, but it has gotten increasingly worse as of late.

Here is my problem:

I will have a webpage open. Facebook, a Facebook Application, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hotmail, etc. and I will refresh the page (either to get new content or because it has stopped responding) and I will get one of the following things:

– A white page stating “Invalid URL” and some other data that changes each time

– An error page from Yahoo or Google – like an error 404 page

– An entirely different webpage, occasionally yahoo, but often a page I have never even visited before.


To get back to the page I want to be on, I have to shut down my browser, turn off my airport connection (I use a Mac) and then turn back on the Airport connection and restart my browser. Sometimes I can get it to work after the first try, but often it takes two rounds of reboots to fix the problem.

I have had this problem on every browser that I use (Safari, Firefox and Chrome).

Other people in my house have also had this problem with pages they are trying to load or refresh.


If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to why this is happening and how it might be fixed, I would greatly appreciate it. I am getting extremely frustrated having to reset my internet connection and browser nearly a dozen times a day.

Thanks in advance.

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