My first #gdldn Part 1 – Before

For months now I’ve been reading tweets about Geek Dinner London and have been contemplating attending. To this point, I haven’t actually made it to a Geek Dinner, but I have decided that tonight is the night! I am going to my very first Geek Dinner.

While I am excited, I am also nervous (which is silly). I’m a bit shy, not that anyone who knows me would believe that, but I am. Despite the fact that I have been conversing via twitter with a number of the people who attend Geek Dinner, I still feel as if I will be walking into a room full of strangers.

Despite it being a huge part of my chosen profession, networking at times makes me uneasy and that is something I have yet to entirely shake. I know that I can push through it, I have and I will, but it takes some effort on my part to get past my initial shyness.

Once I get to know someone I am fine; I am louder, I talk more  and I don’t hold back my opinions (for better or for worse). At first though, I am a quiet observer, who watches and listens.

Any of my close friends would read this and laugh, because to them I am an outgoing individual who isn’t afraid to take on the world. They would say that I am an extrovert, and while that is true, there is still part of me that is a bit of an introvert.

This is my goal though, to get out more and be more involved with the things that interest me and tonight that means going to Geek Dinner London and leaving the introvert at the door.

But if anyone sees a girl sitting in a corner being rather quiet at Geek Dinner tonight, that’s probably me.

See you all at Geek Dinner!



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