Is it Back to School Yet?

So it’s been about 3 weeks since school let out for the summer and I have to ask …

How many parents are asking “is it time to send them back to school yet?”

Have you run out of things to do with the kids to keep them entertained 24/7? Are you tired of dealing with their attitudes for even more hours of the day? Are you tired of how their behaviour has negatively impacted your significant other’s mood and thus your relationship with them? (i.e. you now walk in the door and are met with a spouse who has smoke curling out their ears)

Ok now let me flip the script …

How many children of parents who work for the school board (or a job that has summers off) are asking “is it time to send them back to school yet?”

My Mom is an administrative secretary for an elementary school, which means she gets summer off. She has been working for the board since 1990 or 1991. Her first fulltime role was in 1993, at the elementary school which I attended (lucky me eh?)

For years I’ve heard parents stating how they wished summer would end so the kids would go back to school and for years I’ve been stating how I wish summer would end so my Mom would go back to school. (It like Christmas day when that Staples commercial comes on, yes, you know which one I am talking about!)

Now any kid who has a parent that works for the school board can probably attest to this, summer hits and all of the sudden Mom (or Dad) have all of these projects that they want to get done over the summer break (10 weeks or so) and they always seem to want your help with it.

And these projects are never enjoyable, not that the work is always that bad, but you’re doing these projects with a parent who is on a schedule and who has 10 months of pent-up anger ready to blow because they work with kids and nowadays you cannot yell at kids.

So you’re stuck with this adult who has a list a mile long of chores and projects to complete during summer vacation, and they want all of them done at once and done a specific way that is completely incomprehensible to anyone but them. And throughout the entire process they are yelling and snapping at you for no apparent reason other than it is hot, it is hard work and they have 10 months of pent-up rage that can finally be unleashed.

For the last couple years I have instituted rules with my Mom. Ok Mom, I will help you, not a problem, but the minute you start a) Throwing things at me for no reason (or a reason I do not understand) b) Yelling at or making nasty comments towards me for no apparent reason  (or a reason I do not understand) c) Forget the manners that you drill into the grandkids every time they are around  … I’m out.

That may seem harsh and as a child I most certainly could not get away with such things (heck I can barely get away with them now despite being 27), but it is necessary or else I start looking at the highway thinking those moving vehicles look appealing. I don’t blame her … entirely … If you spent 10 months of the year, spending 8 hours a day locked in a building with 300 kids, wouldn’t you have some excess built-up anger?

So like parents waiting for their kids to go back to school, we kids of school board parents are sharing the same sentiment, is it time for them to go back to school yet?

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