What’s my Best Blog Entry?

I got a call yesterday regarding a job that I had applied to (the night before). The company was looking to set up an interview with me, it is scheduled for tomorrow at 12:30 (now 2:30). The job sounds great, I’m getting an interview, everything is perfect, right?

Not so much, I have come down with one nasty flu bug that is totally knocking me on my butt. (Upside she just called to reschedule the interview to later in the day and I conveyed the situation and she agreed that if I was still under the weather we could rearrange until next week (and hopefully that won’t hurt my chances)).

I need to prepare for this interview though.

Print cover letter, print resume, print reference list, copy reference letters, prepare my standard application folders that I take with me, make sure my portfolio is put together and the additional new element Print out a copy of a Blog post I’ve written. 

The job is a social media position, so it only makes sense. But now I’m trying to figure out which blog post to print and take with me.

This is where I could use the help of my readers, for a couple of reasons. 1) Staring at the computer screen is making me kind of nauseous and 2) I simply don’t know which blog post to take.

I’m leaning towards:

My recent post about the JLC Reviewer campaign

An older post about the potential renaming of the JLC

One of my posts about the Blue Jays – Arencibia Under Attack or Blue Jays are really Twitter Blue Birds

or one of my posts on how to use social media.

Thoughts? Have any of my blog posts caught your attention or made an impression?

Thanks in advance!

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