They Liked Me! … I think …

If you follow me on twitter (@Sadie_Liz) you probably already know that I had an interview today. If you don’t follow me, well, I had an interview today!

I won’t name the company or organization I interviewed with at this point, but I will say it is in the London Area and the job is absolutely suited for me. Some of you may be able to guess where I interviewed (if you follow the right people on Twitter), but then again maybe not.

(I will name the company if/when I get the job)

Anyways, I came out of the interview thinking, I nailed that! I felt so comfortable and at ease. I didn’t even go into this interview with the usual nervous energy that I get, that is how comfortable and confident I was with the prospect of getting this position.

I came out of the interview on cloud nine, went to my car, looked at the clock and realized that the interview didn’t even last 30 minutes.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I felt completely on my game during the interview, there are couple things I wish I’d conveyed better (that I will mention below), but I felt really good about what I had to say, but I can’t remember the last successful interview (where I made it to the next round) that was that short.

So that’s where the title of this blog comes in “The Liked Me! … I think …”.

Either I was right and I was totally on my game and was so on point with my answers that they didn’t require any longer with me or they absolutely hated me and have already written me off. Hopefully it is that I was on my game.

I will find out early next week if I make it to the next round, so I will keep anyone who reads my blog posted.

Of course with any interview though you always come out going, darn why didn’t I say this and I had that moment.

There was one question, that the moment I walked out the door, I went “Why didn’t I say that?!”

I was asked how I would convey in two minutes or less the importance/value of social media to people not as understanding or as in-tune with it as I am.

I said something that made sense, but not what I wanted to say at all. What I should have said is:

Successful Business (IMO) is about relationships. Social Media is about building and nurturing relationships, creating community and fostering engagement. Canada is one of the most wired countries and one of the countries spending the most time on social media sites (according to various sources). If approximately 80% of Canadians are online, spending a large percentage of their time on Social Media sites, how can anyone in business claim that it is a bad idea to be present on Social Media? Good Business comes from good relationships and in today’s Social Media World, good relationships are at least in part, nurtured through Social Media. Social Media allows relationships to grow and exist without the necessity to be in the same place, at the same time. 

Some of that I think came through in the answer I gave, but not all of it.

Outside of that though, I think I was comfortable with everything else I said.

Hopefully early next week I will get a call requesting a second interview, I will keep you posted.

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