Soundtrack to my Life – Part 2

I was watching Friends with Benefits tonight and the song Closing Time by Semisonic is used throughout the movie.

This song is a song that I tie to my high school experience, but more importantly my University experience, specifically first year.

It got my thinking about a guy that I met my first year at Brock. He was a 2nd year Computer Science major named D’Arcy, who oddly enough was from London. His hair was dyed bleach blonde, he was underage and he was appealingly awkward.

He was someone who I immediately bonded with, possibly due to the fact that we were both underage and unable to go out with the rest of our floor (until his birthday in November at least). We spent a lot of time together the four months he lived on my floor (only 4 months because he was a co-op student and had to move to Ottawa in the second term).

He was a unique character. He had his room set up unlike anyone else on our floor. He put his bed up at high as it would go, almost to the ceiling and he placed his desk beneath it. He’d managed to locate a second mattress and had it on the floor against the wall opposite his desk. The light in his room was never on; his room was lit by white Christmas lights. There always seemed to be music coming from his room; either playing from his computer, or being strum on his guitar.

D’Arcy introduced and re-introduced me to a lot of music; music that moves me still to this day and music that will forever be tied to my memory of him as he was then. He was probably one of my best friends that year. We looked after each other, he helped me when I needed it and in the second term he took an 8 hour bus ride from Ottawa to come and see me, well he may have been there to see everyone on my floor. But when I found out he was there, I found him waiting at my door.

It’s been 9 years since I started at Brock; 9 years since we met and 9 years since we were the people we were back then. Unfortunately we aren’t in touch much anymore because we grew into people who for some reason didn’t fit into each others lives.

He is without a doubt one of those people who may have only been in my life for a season, but I know he was there for a reason. I will never forget that bleach blonde boy strumming his guitar in the light cast by little white Christmas lights.

So here are the songs that always take me back to him:

Seven Mary Three – Lucky

Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight

Matchbox Twenty – 3AM

Matchbox Twenty – Push

Semisonic – Closing Time

4 responses to “Soundtrack to my Life – Part 2

    • You probably cannot locate the contact us page because there isn’t one. There is an about me and a blog. My apologies if you do not like my layout, I have not spent much time on the layout, more on the content.

  1. Great post — the friendships we make during the college years are truly special. Sidenote: I loved and am obsessed with FWB, such a great movie!

    • Thank you for your comment. The friendships during University are truly special and I think they play a big role in the people we become and the way we see the world. Unfortunately not all of the friendships will last, but the impact those individuals had on our lives will be forever lasting. FWB was enjoyable, I was skeptical going in, but it was enjoyable.

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