Hi My Name Is … Starting or Joining a Blog as the Author

I start my new job next Monday, the 15th of August. I cannot yet reveal where I am going, but I need some advice.

Part of my new role is to manage the company/organization blog. The blog is fairly new for them, it was only added when they redesigned their website recently. There is currently only one post, that was posted when the new website was launched.

I am going to be in charge of all Social Media for this company/organization. I am starting to draft some content for the blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I know I need to get content up on all of those within the first week, because there has been some silence since the last person left and my start date.

I am largely thinking about the blog right now, my first post specifically. I have a bunch of ideas for blog topics, but I am wondering if I should be doing an introduction blog first.

A blog that introduces me as the new ‘Geek’ on staff (I won’t word it like that) and introduces what kind of content they will likely be finding on the blog.

I’m debating if this is the right move and if I can sell it.

Here is why I think it is a good idea. I think an important part of Social Media is knowing who you are talking to. There is nothing more frustrating to me than interacting with a ‘corporate identity’ (it feels cold and detached). I want to have an idea of the person that I am speaking with, even if it is just their name or initials, it starts to build a connection. Also when I know who I am talking to, I feel like that forces the individual to be accountable for what they are writing, saying or doing.  I think that helps to build a level of trust and respect in my mind.

Also writing an introductory blog that touches on some of the topics that will be discussed could help bring in readers and retain them, because they are looking for content of that nature.

I think I have enough of a personal brand that maybe who am I and what I have offered in the past could draw in more people. Who I am could also help me to build stronger relationships, thus increasing engagement with the social media of my new employer.

Even if it doesn’t, introducing myself gives individuals a person, rather than just a corporate identity to connect with (a corporate identity is often harder to really connect with).

At the same time, is it a bad idea to basically open the door to people connecting with my personal online identity and equating that personal identity with the corporate identity I am speaking for?

I already have a disclaimer on this blog saying that the thoughts here are my own and do not represent the thoughts or opinions of my employer or any of my clients.

I think the pro’s outweigh the con’s, but I’d like to put it to you, my trusted readers.

On a new blog, do you think it is important to know the individual behind the voice of the blog? Or are you comfortable interacting with the corporate identity?

Another question: Do I ever identify my personal Twitter handle? Not claiming that as my identity professionally would feel like a lie or half truth, if that makes sense, but at the same time this is my personal space, maybe it is better to keep it separate.

4 responses to “Hi My Name Is … Starting or Joining a Blog as the Author

  1. I’d suggest that you use your real first name on the company blog but that’s all. And that you don’t reveal your identity otherwise. That way you can feel free to spout off on Twitter or anyplace else without having to worry if somebody is going to associate the company with those personal opinions.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Greg.

      I think I included my last name on my first blog post. My full name is all over the website, so if people want to find me they will.

      I don’t think I ever say anything too bad from my twitter account, so hopefully I won’t land myself in hot water.

  2. Sounds like you have some cool stuff ahead of you at your new job! I really like the idea of using your name in blog posts and social media for your new position, because clients are interacting with a person, not just a corporate account. I really like the idea of an introduction too, allowing readers to get to know a little bit about your personality right from the start.

    I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad idea to let clients know about your personal twitter handle or your social media identity, but I would hold off on doing it right from the start, I would wait until you have been more involved in doing social media there for some time. Personally, I think I would prefer to keep them separate, but I think it’s a good idea depending on where you are and your interactions with clients.

    Enjoy your weekend, and good luck on Monday Sarah!

    • Yes, a lot of cool stuff, I’m getting nervous though because it is becoming very real. Thanks for you opinion. I think I am going to draft a blog of that nature and see what they think. I completely agree in social media, you want people interacting with yes the brand, but with an actual person and not a faceless corporate identity.

      Also I think what will potentially bring people in and keep them reading is my personality, as personality often comes through in writing.

      I think I may use my personal twitter to direct people from my personal account to the corporate one. But outside of that not introduce my personal to new people. I think I want to keep them separate too, as much as I can.


      BTW any news on the jobs you’ve been applying to? I’ve posted a bunch to the Alumni group too.

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