My First Week

I survived my first week of my new job!

Ok I more than survived, I think it went well and I really love what I am doing so far.

The first day was your standard “Tours and HR” day. So it was relatively uneventful. I had a meeting first thing in the morning with my boss Darrin and he went over the marketing plan for the LCC with me and what my role was and who was in what department.  After that tagged along on a facility tour with some guests. After that I had a brief sit down at my desk and then went to a first day lunch with my boss to better get to know each other. When I returned I spent most of the afternoon doing all the HR stuff and another facility tour from a different perspective. I had a bit of time to play with the social media, but not much before the day was over.

The rest of my week was filled with meetings with each of the departments heads. First was Darrin on my first day, then Lori (GM) on my second day, followed by  Chris (Event Planning) on the third day, Kent (Sales) and David aka Chef on my fourth day and on Friday I met with one of the other David’s (Event Services).

The rest of the week was filled with social media and other project. My first week was a bit different then what was planned because due to unforeseen circumstances my boss wasn’t there from Wednesday to Friday. Luckily though everyone is incredibly nice, helpful and open to things that I have to offer.

I basically had one stupid question a day this week. I don’t remember all of them, but I remember some.

Day one was how to get out of the office at the end of the day, I found myself locked in and I didn’t want to play with any of the locks in case that messed with building security.

Day two was how to dial outside of the office, I was fairly sure it was 9 like it was everywhere else, but I thought I would ask.

Day four was where to find the chef and how to get the printer to print in colour.

I can’t remember what day three and five were.


While my job is “Social Media Specialist” I am definitely more than that. I am more a Marketing/Communications/Social Media Specialist, but that is far too long to fit on a business card.

Day two I got asked to create jpeg’s of a file to send out to someone, which I was more than capable of doing. Day four I made some temporary business cards for myself and Lina, our newest Sales Manager who started a week before I did. We were going to Business After Five and Lina has some meetings next week, so we needed some cards. Having made my own business cards before, and having the template in the branding package that was pinned to my bulletin boards, it only took about an hour to put together cards for myself and Lina.

I made a couple good catches this week on things that had been previously missed. I also made some suggestions on a couple of things. I changed our Twitter handle from LondConvCentre to LdnCC, which is shorter and hopefully easier for people to remember. I also changed the name on the account, so that we are now showing up in search results when people type london convention centre.

I met with Erin, our account manager from Echidna on Tuesday and got a quick run through on the website. I made my first updates that afternoon and I managed to do it without breaking the website! I was pretty excited.

Tuesday I got most of our social media back up and running, posting to both Facebook and Twitter, I need to find some good content for LinkedIn this coming week.

Thursday I finished my first blog and posted it to the website. I was pretty excited. I really wanted to see how many people have read the blog, but unfortunately I’m having trouble finding the analytics for it.

Friday was an awesome day, I got approval for my iPad for work, so after work, I went and picked it up and I have spent today setting it up and doing some work from it. I am learning my way around it, but I think I need some tutorials on a couple of apps I was told to download, like evernote. I hear it is great, I’m just not sure how it works.

I am really diving into the social media, we have a huge conference this week, AMO Annual Conference, so I am really trying to follow along on what is being said at AMO, about the LCC and engaging the people who are attending.

Everyone I am working with is super nice, very welcoming and very open to what have to offer. Some people are a bit more hesitant to embrace social media, but some others seem quite excited to explore the potential of it.

I am really enjoying this job. In previous jobs I’ve hit that wall in the afternoon. At this job though I am always working on something and enjoying what I am working on. I feel challenged and like I am contributing to the work that is being done, which is a great feeling, especially for the first week. The staff has been incredibly welcoming to me and I cannot convey how great that has been. I feel like I can go to anyone in our office. I also feel like I am being treated like an equal and not like the kid, or the newbie.

I have responsibilities and I am free to take them on without having someone over my shoulder all of the time. Of course the things I do, still go through someone else, but for the most part, I can do my job and be trusted to do it well, and it’s only the first week. I feel very empowered in this position, which is nice. I am not waiting for someone to give me something to do. I have things to do and I am able to go ahead and do them.

So far it is a great fit and I am excited to go into work every day and do my job. Hopefully things keep going this way.

If you have the chance come interact with me on our Facebook Page, on Twitter, on LinkedIn or on the Blog. I need people to help me get conversations going. If I can have people I know help me get conversations going, others will join in because they see it happening and see that it is welcomed.

So in summary, after the first week, I am loving my job and the people who I am working with. I cannot wait to do all of the things I get to do.

2 responses to “My First Week

    • Thanks Matt! So far it is a great fit. I will definitely say Hi to Lina for you. And not to be rude, but which Matt is this? I know far too many and the email isn’t giving me any clues.

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