It’s not just me!

A conversation came up today and I had to blog about it. I need to set it up though.

I am 5’10” (approx) without shoes, add shoes or heels I am as much as 6’2″. My Mom teases me endlessly about my views regarding the height of men.

Blame society, but I prefer a man who is taller than myself. The perfect height in my eyes is 6’2″ give or take. Here is why. As I said I am 5’10”, if a guy is 6’2″, at most in heels we will be the same height, but typically he will be moderately taller than me. It isn’t a freakish height difference, but nice enough that I don’t feel like a giant (which I was often told growing up).

Ever since my sister got married in 2007 my family’s focus has shifted to me and my Mom (and other members of my family) are always trying to set me up for point guys out for me and often they are guys who are shorter than I am and I often crack some joke about either me being a giant or the guy being a munchkin (sorry guys).

Let me say this, this is a general thing, I have though come across some guys lately who are shorter than me, but whose personalities have more than overcome the height difference, so it is possible I could date someone shorter than me, possible, not likely, but possible.

Anyways, so my Mom tease me about my being picky regarding the height of the guys that I date. It’s always a big joke when me dating comes up, that and my pattern of dating younger men.

Today though at work, there was a guy outside working on something and one of the women commented that he was good-looking, but short. There was three of us there and we all agreed that guys shorter than us, just don’t cut it. We all like men who are taller than us. So ha! to my Mom who constantly comments on my preference to guys who are taller than me, it is not just me who will vocalize their preference for taller men!

We did all agree though that when you’re my height, finding guys who are taller, is a bit of a challenge, there are not that many out there, at least not guys who are taller than me, straight and single. That’s a trifecta that is incredibly rare!





4 responses to “It’s not just me!

  1. You’re right; physical appearances do mean more than “nothing”. That was too broad a term. I only meant to try to explain that, from my point of view, though I am 6 feet tall and probably intimidate most men I encounter (for I’m 20 and have yet to be properly asked out on a date, and I’m certainly not an ugly person), looks really don’t mean anything. If I was 5’6, I’d probably have the exact same personality (minus the extra dose of confidence tall women are blessed with as a result of usually not having to look up to anybody) and would probably have been asked out at least a few times by now.

    So, in this case, looks are pretty damn irrelevant. I’m still the same person, I’ve just got an extra half a foot to my frame. This is what makes me care much less about another persons’ physical appearance, though looks do matter, especially when it comes to a couples’ sex life, which I believe is the backbone of every truly strong relationship. Physical attraction is definitely important! I just think I’m less inclined to go with the societal norm 😛

    Totally agree about the personality and beauty correlation. It goes for men and women alike. I’ve met people who comment on another person’s beauty, but, myself having known the person for a while and being aware of some nasty traits of theirs, genuinely cannot see the beauty they do. It’s really interesting.

    • I’m 5’10” and have a couple years on you and I’ve done all of the asking in my life (which is a whole other blog). Ok I’m going to say one thing about that. I think now that it is socially acceptable for women to ask a guy out, guys have gotten lazy. Or now that women are powerful and confident, guys are a bit insecure when it comes to asking them out.

      Anyways, I don’t know that I agree that looks don’t mean anything. And I hate to say it, I think what you’ve said proves my point a bit. You are 6’0″ and have said that you have yet to be properly asked out on a date. Follow me here, guys (in my experience) are often intimidated by women who are taller then they are, it often makes them feel insecure or emasculates them. This is why I have a preference for taller guys. In my experience, guys do not like it when I am taller than them. I think I generally like guys that are taller than I am, but based on interactions with guys shorter than myself, the preference has been further reinforced.

      Really I don’t have any physical preferences that I stick to steadfast. There is just something appealing about a guy who is taller than me, not that I would care or let that limit my dating pool. Just based on experiences, not towering over your male partner is a bit more comfortable … slow dancing with a guy your height or short for one can end up with a knee to the groin.

      Honestly though if I met a great guy (personality wise) and he was shorter than me, I honestly would not care. Well I might if there was a substantial difference (I don’t know, haven’t encountered that), but a couple of inches difference would not matter at all.

      But I absolutely believe beauty and personality are correlated. In high school there was this very attractive guy, the more I got to know him, the less attractive I found him, but another guy who most people did not find attractive, I thought was very attractive, because I’d gotten to know him and really like his personality.

      I think a great personality can enrich the physical immensely, a horrible personality though can ruin looks. .

  2. I’m 6’0 and I wouldn’t discriminate against a man who was shorter than me, only because I don’t think men should discriminate against me because of my height. I know that I’m quite a catch, so by that logic, I wouldn’t dare miss out on an opportunity with a man simply because he was a few inches shorter than me. Physical appearances mean nothing! 🙂

    • I wouldn’t ‘discriminate’ against a guy who was shorter than I am either, it’s just a preference thing (not something enforced at all). Though the majority of guys I have gone out with have been my height or shorter. I wouldn’t let a guys height impact my decision to go out with him or not. It’s absolutely his personality first.

      I don’t know that I agree with physical appearances mean “nothing”, I don’t think they should be weighed heavily, but physical appearances do mean something, whether we want to admit it or not. We want to be physically attracted to the person we are with, beyond the intellectual and emotional attraction. It may not be of the greatest importance, but it does still matter.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here again. A personality has a huge impact on the attractiveness of a person, it absolutely outweighs the physical appearance. Someone can be the most attractive person at first glance, but without the personality to back it, they are no longer appealing.

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