#JaysOpener – a better hashtag

I was scrolling through my tweets a couple of minutes ago and saw the @bluejays account tweet that if you’re tweeting about the Toronto Blue Jays home opener tonight use the hashtag #HondaHomeOpener and I couldn’t help by roll my eyes.

This is a 15 letter hashtag, 16 if you include the # that is more about making the corporate sponsor happy than actually creating a Jays nation on Twitter.

First if I’m tweeting about the game, I’m probably not going to have 16 characters to spare, that may just be me, but maybe not.

Second most of us add the hashtag #jays #bluejays and will likely add #jaysopener or #jays #homeopener to their tweets tonight, because it conveys the home opener and categorizes the Jays and uses something that has a strong likelihood to already trend in Toronto and even Canada tonight.

I get that making money and making corporate sponsors happy is important, especially in a city like Toronto who probably doesn’t have the marketing, merchandising and ad support that say a club like New York or Boston have, but come on, we’re now taking blatant corporate branding to Twitter that makes it feel like Honda’s part in this game is more important than the actual members of the Jays team, or heck that it is the Honda team that will be taking the field tonight. Did the Jays get renamed and I missed it?

As fans we identify with the Jays and the Jays home opener. Most of us could care less that it’s Honda who is backing this home opener. We are glad someone is backing the home opener, but it’s not a bow down moment to any of us. Yes the branding will be buried in the recesses of our minds, but really, unless we own a dealership, are a sales person for Honda, or MAYBE own a Honda, it could be Toyota, Ford, BMW, Lexus whoever that was backing this opener.

This game is about our JAYS, it is the JAYS home opener. It is for the players on that roster and the nation of fans that rally behind this team year after year. Yes money is important and corporate backings such as Honda’s are invaluable to the team, but, when there is only 140 character available, leave the marketing to the team and Honda, leave the fans out of it. If it’s a big deal to push Honda out into twitter, buy and add, but use a hashtag that works for fans and says something about our team, not the car manufacturer who won the rights to have their name tagged to the opener.

Those are my two cents and there it is folks, my first Jays blog of the season.

I cannot finish though without saying how proud I am of this team so far. They have played incredibly well in the first three games, and could have easily swept the first series. Here’s hoping they can maintain their level of passion and fight to sweep the Red Sox out of Toronto.

And for anyone wondering, this year’s Twitter Jays:








@EThames 14

@Kyle Drabek





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