Blue Jays – Francisco and Litsch

This morning the Blue Jays announced that they have activated RHP FRANK FRANCISCO from the 15-day disabled list and optioned RHP JESSE LITSCH to Las Vegas of the Pacific Coast League (AAA).

We all knew that when Morrow came back either Litsch or Reyes would be going back to AAA Las Vegas.  I have to say though I am a bit shocked that Litsch went down, he had a rocky start to his starts, but he usually locked things down a couple of innings in, and last game his team picked him up. I suppose though, the Jays don’t want to risk those a couple rough innings as they come up against some teams who aren’t so easy to come back against.  Regardless fans, a bit thrown by this move given that it is a starter for a reliever,  have suggested possibilities that a bullpen arm such as Rzepczynski (a former starter) will be moving to the starting rotation and Reyes will still be going down when Morrow returns.

I do not think this is a case. Francisco is a closer, he will be going into the bullpen. Having sent down Listch, the starting rotation will be down to four. I assume this means that Morrow will be back within the next couple of days and the only reason they made the moves the way that they did was because of where they were in the rotation. They’re only on starter number 2, Drabek. Given the short outings some of their pitchers the Jays are just trying to keep as many rested arms in the bullpen as possible. Morrow will come back up and take the 5th starter slot and when he does he will knock someone out of the already overloaded Jays bullpen.

Many analysts have already commented that the Jays are carrying an uncharacteristically large bullpen and a short bench. They have commented that the team balance has been a bit off, but that it would return to normal once some of the individuals on the disabled list were re-activated.

No matter how the moves play out, I hope the shake-up will provide a spark to the Jays and help them get back to their winning ways on their home stretch.