Back to Good

I was filling out a job application today and it asked me about volunteering and I got to thinking and realized that I haven’t really done much volunteering since University, which is a shame.

Volunteering was easy in school, there was always an opportunity to be involved. They often just fell into my lap. Like the Blood Donor Campaign I coordinated at Brock in my last two years.

Volunteering at home is a bit more challenging. I live in a very small community, in which there are very few volunteering opportunities, especially now that the local elementary school, which I went to for 9 years, closed last spring. (ooh that reminds me, I need to design the grad program for my Mom’s new school)

Anyways, I live in a small community and there aren’t the immediate opportunities for volunteering that there were on campus at Brock. I liked volunteering, I liked crafting campaigns and inspiring others to volunteer or donate something of themselves, whether it be blood, clothes, food or time. And volunteering at school was easy because I always had friends, co-workers or students to volunteer with.

It’s not as easy at home and not volunteering after moving back home is something I regret and hope to change in the near future. I’d love to get out and get involved in some of the initiatives happening in London, but I have to be in London to do that. So I guess the first step to get back into volunteering is to get a job that gives me the opportunity to be in London and to become part of the London community that I’ve always been an outsider to, given that I’m actually a country girl and not a “Londoner”.

So that is my goal, continue to work my butt off and find employment! The following step will be to get involved! Though I may try to get involved in some things sooner rather than making it contingent on finding a job. For months I’ve been trying to work up the courage to go to the Geek Dinner in London, but I haven’t quite found it yet. I follow (via twitter, not stalking) a number of the people who attend and I admire and respect them as people and professionals, but I don’t yet feel qualified to be in their presence, as silly as that probably sounds. Not having my professional life in order makes me feel like a kid at the grown up table pretending to know what she’s talking about, but really having not being entirely sure.  But anyways that’s probably another blog entry.

I vow here to get involved! Here are some ways I want to get involved or engaged in the future:

  • The London Chamber of Commerce –  I had a great time there as an intern and would love to be involved again
  • Emerging Leaders
  • London Creative Network
  • IABC
  • Geek Dinner
  • CC&PR alumni, I’d really like to start a regular alumni gathering, somehow …
  • Young Professionals
  • GenNext
  • Canadian Blood Services – maybe apply my University Donor Clinics to a professional environment
  • ???? Suggestions welcome!
I want to be involved again, more important I want to be inspired again!