My Vote 2011

Election Day is now 14 days a way I believe and I’m still wavering over where my vote is going.

I’ve ruled out Bev Shipley and the Conservative party because I refuse to contribute to Harper once again being in power. Shipley though is from Middlesex and he is somewhere, a couple of generations back, a part of my extended family. According to my grandmother, who babysat him when he was little, Shipley is a good guy who has done a lot for this riding and really represents the interests of the community well. As I said though, he’s out for me as long as he is supporting the “Harper Government”.

So that narrows it down to:

Liberal Candidate Gayle Stucke

NDP Candidate  Joe Hill

Green Candidate Jim Johnston

CHP Candidate something Janssens

Well let’s start where my vote isn’t going. Sorry Janssen, but you’re not getting my vote. You’re young, you’ll have more chances, probably not more success as long as you are with the CHP, but you’ll have more chances.

Joe Hill – I’ve voted NDP in the past (when I lived in St. Catharines), but I really don’t think you have my interests at heart. You’re not present in any social media and the only real information I’ve read on you suggests that seniors are your priority. Also you have no real shot of overthrowing Shipley in my riding.

So that leaves the Liberal Candidate and the Green Candidate.

Strategically I am leaning towards the Liberal Candidate Stucke, because if anyone is going to dethrone Shipley it is going to be the Liberal Candidate. But if I voted my conscience, based on what I’ve seen and read of the local candidates and parties themselves, I would probably lean more towards the Green candidate.

But my vote is still up for grabs.

I guess for two more weeks the Liberal and Green candidates have the chance to woo me. I’ll be watching.